Diversity in Research Podcast

The Lost Voices - postdocs, precarity and diversity

June 24, 2021 Diversiunity & Cloud Chamber Season 3 Episode 8
Diversity in Research Podcast
The Lost Voices - postdocs, precarity and diversity
Show Notes

You just have to admire the five people behind "The Lost Voices".  We had the fortune of talking to them about the campaign. They started as a group of London based postdocs with diverse backgrounds who found it difficult to navigate academia and couldn't imagine having a career in research. That made them initiate "The Lost Voices" where they told their stories of race, religion, sexuality, ability etc that set them apart - and how precarity made it difficult for them to raise their voices. They did so anyway, and we are in awe of the risk they are taking, and for their home institutions who have funded them and listened to their findings.

You can hear more about their background and the work they have done in the episode, where we also talk about the report on diversity that the Russell Group published in late Spring this year, and as usual, we talk about how people in support functions at universities can help people whose voices are lost in academia.

If you are as impressed as we are and want to work with them please reach out. We know they are looking for collaborators worldwide. 

You can learn more at:
‘The Lost Voices’ national campaign website: https://ukpostdocs.toothycat.net/thelostvoices/
‘The Lost Voices’ national campaign final summary video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fR2pbmGa21I&t=1s
Or find all their content and social media channels at  ‘The Lost Voices’ Linktree: https://linktr.ee/londonpostdocs

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